7 Point Service

1 - Vehicle Assessment

We thoroughly examine the vehicle including a test ride if applicable to note any other possible issues other than the ones specified

2 - Prep for Service

A cleaning of the vehicle is performed to remove any debris

3 - Perform Service

Our technicians troubleshoot and perform service to factory guidelines and specifications

4 - Mechanical Concerns Recorded

Any item or part showing signs of wear or failure will be noted and explained to the customer as points to be maintained

5 - Reset Service Interval

If the unit is equipped with a service indicator system it will be reset to the next service interval per the manufacturer's specification

6 - Unit Cleaning

After service, the unit will be degreased and cleaned, making it ride-ready

7 - Customer Briefing

Full details of the service provided and future maintenance areas are explained to the customer in detail with all notations provided in written form